Organic Chemistry and Landscape Design: How Two Worlds Collided


Conceptual Landscape Plan for Promega Biosciences Inc.

The Landscape Architecture team at Oasis Associates has designed several outdoor gathering spaces, each with a unique function, as part of a whole “mini-campus” for the biotech manufacturing company, Promega Biosciences (PBI). Termed the “organic chemistry arm” to Promega Inc. of Madison, WI, PBI develops and manufactures synthetic organic chemistry products locally in San Luis Obispo. Looking to expand, the company is moving into a new 60,000SF facility near Tank Farm Road by 2020. Oasis’ design aims to unify the office complex by creating an array of natural “third-spaces” that respond to the needs of the employees throughout the day, including “nooks” and exterior patios for eating and socializing, specialized meetings (large and small), labs and demonstrations, and meditation and relaxation. Providing a positive, community-based work environment is vital to the success of a business, and our goal is to foster this through outdoor green spaces.