Perfumo Creek Homes

City of San Luis Obispo

BDC Development, Richard Loughead

Year Completed:

General Plan Amendment
Vesting Tentative Tract Map


BDC Development retained Oasis Associates, Inc. to entitle the development and manage the consultant team. The Prefumo Creek Homes project includes 17.8 acres of the site’s 384 acres to be subdivided into 38 residential lots. The remaining 366.2 acres, including 9.4 acres along Prefumo Creek and 356.8 acres of hillsides, was dedicated to the City of San Luis Obispo for open space as part of the City’s proposed Green Belt.

Circumstances Unique to the Project:

  • Dedication of a significant amount of open space area
  • Geologically and environmentally sensitive area
  • Substantial public outreach effort