Indian Valley Sand & Gravel Mining Operation

County of San Luis Obispo

Pankey Sand & Gravel

Year Completed:

Conditional Use Permit
Reclamation Plan


Oasis Associates, Inc. was brought in to provide professional planning services to obtain a Conditional Use Permit and the approval of a Reclamation Plan for a the Pankey Sand and Gravel Mine located along a portion of the Salinas River just northeast of San Miguel. The mine is located in the Agriculture (Ag) land use category and is within the Salinas River Planning Area.  The project includes three different extraction and stockpile areas; two are located in the Salinas River and one is located in Vineyard Creek.  Please refer to the “White Papers” section for a case study specific to this project.

Circumstances Unique to the Project:

  • Substantial public outreach and community involvement.
  • Review of the geomorphologic features associated with the Salinas River.
  • Coordination with the County and California Department of Fish and Game to author a River Management Plan.